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Structural engineers specialising in residential design utilising Modern Methods of Construction – working across the UK.

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Allan Corfield Structures (ACS) was initially established in early 2021 to provide structural engineering services to Allan Corfield Architects (ACA) clients. Led by our Technical Director, Chartered Structural Engineer and SER Certifier David Gallagher, ACS now offers a market-leading service for both ACA & external clients, inc a number of top Architects & MMC kit suppliers.

Since its inception, ACS has secured over 70 projects, and the team has grown to 9. We provide value from the early design stages by working closely with our clients and designers rather than as a traditional reactive engineering service. Our vast experience in Modern Methods of Construction, such as Timber frame, SIPS, and ICF are the reason we are the right choice for your project.

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‘As ACS was created to provide a better design relationship between Architects and Structural Engineers, we feel that our unique approach can improve all projects. From early site feasibility studies on one-off homes or large-scale developments, our team can mitigate your risk, helping you understand what is going on, on your site.

Moving through your project’s timeline, we can assist with early design reviews, helping your designers to create the most efficient version of your dream home! We also offer the main analysis, calculations and SER Certification – working as part of your design team.’


Working predominately on residential projects; including small extensions, one-off homes and large housing developments – ACS are looking to help on your next project.

ACS are developing a number of strategic partnerships with leading Architects, including LeaskTinto and McWilliam Lippe.

As MMC specialists, we want to work with the best companies who are leading the way in residential Fabric First homes. We are delighted to be working with SIPS specialists SIPS Industries, Timber frame specialists Fleming Homes and leaders in ICF construction Econekt.

We are also the sole Structural Engineers for Custom Build Homes, the largest enablers of custom building housing in the UK.

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